Welder Ergonomics

Broken Neck Prevents Wearing Welder Helmet


Industrial injury of broken cervical vertebrae prevents welder from wearing or positioning typical welding helmet. Inability to continue his career as a professional welder. Helmet weight and motion triggered significant pain when worn during welding tasks.


All professional welding tasks require wearing a welding helmet, while the welder could only tolerate hard hat weight.


Specialized external “backpack” frame developed to transfer helmet weight and positioning to shoulders and hips via shoulder straps and hip belt. Hood is mounted on friction hinge allowing positioning without touching the head. Flame retardant material covered the harness.


Welder returned to full-time welding work without aggravating injured neck.

Donning the helmet “backpack” frame

Pulling helmet down to sight lines

Welding with helmet in place

Backpack frame is also effective for bench work