Tire Lifting Ergonomics

Tire Lifting, Rolling and Manipulation Causes Back Injuries


Known back injuries from Installing, lifting, and rolling automotive and truck tires are known to cause severe back injuries. Tires shops have significant worker comp costs and high-frequency absenteeism.


High potential for muscle strain, sprain or disk rupture especially with the heavier truck or SUV tires (80+lbs)

The typical tire installation posture with flexed back and legs extended under the vehicle

A severe at-risk position is taken after placing the tire on the hub and spinning down lug nuts

Lifting heavy tires is a significant at-risk posture


A quick & efficient tire dolly device was designed to transport, lift and position tires attached to wheels for bolt-on. Dolly required easy and intuitive usage with efficient and quick tire handling.


Completely eliminates lifting, carrying and transporting tires. Improves safety and, productivity for tire handlers, especially aging or tire handlers with pain symptomology

Transporting tire

Position dolly & tire

Rotate tire to align studs

Transporting tire without carrying