Paper Roll Ergonomics

Injuries Developed from Pulling Large Paper Rolls


RMI developed in shoulders and arms from excessive force pulling paper from large rolls having a severe drag on the center core.


Rolls weigh up to 175 lbs. and are not free-wheeling, being dragged over stationary axle bar. Axle sag also contributory to excessive pull force. Brake also required to prevent roll off.


Severe shoulder effort required from ongoing axle drag

Existing paper roll cart

Existing high friction axle mount


Retrofitted free-wheeling bearings at existing axle support on the existing cart. Additional end bearings and collars fabricated for insertion into the central cardboard tube. Replaced sagging metal bars with schedule 80 pipe or extruded aluminum to eliminate sag.


RMI eliminated with easier roll off and new brake reduces waste and streamlines operation.

Modifications schematic

New axle end

New free-spinning roller configuration

New brake mechanism preventing roll off