Manufacturing Ergonomics

Back Injury Prevents Effective Assembly Tasks


Back pain flared during specific high and low working positions while using an old office chair. Off-the-shelf elevating work chairs were trialed for proper support and effectiveness but proved unsuccessful.


Significant time off work resulted as assembly tasks triggered ongoing pain from herniated disk and back strain.

Perilous position when leaning on rolling chair for support

Low-level position with extended reach triggers pain with inadequate back support

Unsuccessful trial with off-the-shelf elevating work chair


Custom highly adjustable assembly chair with 16” to 29” adjustable height capability provided critical back support enabling high and low-level assembly tasks.


The custom chair enabled full-time return-to-work with performance improvement of all low-level and high-level assembly tasks. Appropriate upper and lower back support with good stability accomplished in addition to reducing safety concerns.


Custom chair adjusted to the low 16” positioning

Custom chair adjusted to the high 29” positioning

Stable low-level working position acquired with full back support

Stable high-level working position acquired with full back support