Lifting and Carrying Ergonomics

Carrying Large and Heavy Mattresses Trigger Pain Symptomology


Moving, delivering or carrying heavy mattresses (200 lbs.+) results in back shoulder and arm injuries.  Dermatitis also often results from used mattress carry out.


Mattresses have no handholds, requiring grasping of plastic covering with severe continuous grips.  Deliveries include many obstacles: long corridors, tight areas, small elevators, spiral staircases and unloading from high truck beds.

Typical mattress carry has no actual handholds

Large and awkward loads approach the limit of muscular capacity

Dermatitis is a serious concern with used mattress extraction

Tight area manipulation is difficult without sufficient handholds


The plastic covering provides the only available handholds



Custom portable carrying device for all size mattresses providing infinite handholds and fast easy set-up. A complete system for moving and carrying all size mattresses was developed.  Infinite handholds and fast easy set-up became an integral part of the system.


A significant level of awkward carrying postures was eliminated.  Movers experienced less strain and effort with easier mattress transport.  The system is easily adaptable for different size handlers and significantly reduces the biomechanical effort for heavy mattress transport.

Larger load carry is enabled

Efficient moving capability

Muscular efficiency in carrying tasks

Load secured with less biomechanical effort and at-risk postures