Industrial Ergonomics

Back Pain Eliminated During Intricate Table Saw Tasks


Back injuries prevented taller technician’s use of a specialized diamond saw. Ceramic product sawing required close viewing and extreme forward lean for quality performance. Forward lean during the specialized ceramic table saw use caused severe pain and muscle strain in taller technicians resulting in quality issues.


Steel leg structure made to 27.5 inches height with hard-wired and rigid water and electric connections. Low height designed to accommodate shorter workers but triggered pain in taller technicians. Height adjustability and stability indicated as a significant parameter.

Custom ceramic table saw at 27.5 inches in height

Rigid water and electric connections requiring modifications to flex pipe and conduit

On-site modifications specifics


Retrofitted a custom hand crank hydraulic leg extender system.


All technicians of varying heights could easily adjust table saw to appropriate height eliminating any forward bending and back pain. Visual acuity improved and quality maintained.

Saw in lowered position after hydraulic system installed

Saw in raised position after system installation

Hydraulic system components