Foot Ergonomics

Plantar Fasciitis Forces Aircraft Mechanic Off Work


The inability for an aircraft mechanic to walk, climb scaffolding or uneven/curved surfaces.  Tarsal tunnel syndrome and plantar fasciitis required severe foot and ankle stabilization. 


Kneeling position involves toe extension and dorsiflexion also triggering extreme pain.  Round ladder rungs concentrate forces along medial and lateral foot arches immediately triggering pain.  Walking on a concrete floor for short periods exacerbates pain.

Round rungs place high forces on plantar foot surface

Uneven aircraft surfaces trigger extreme pain

Kneeling action inadvertently forces severe pain triggers


Developed appropriate specialized boot, stabilizing ankle/foot regions, maintaining stable longitudinal arches based on high-tech ice climbing footwear. Podiatrist input gathered for specialized insoles and advice on appropriate ankle and foot support.


Full times return to work after a one-year absence, with the ability to effectively walk on uneven surfaces and climb ladders.

Custom orthotics by podiatrist working with ergonomics team

Modified state-of-the-art ice climbing boots with inner & outer shells

Custom sole, toe plate and cutouts

Inner and outer boots sufficiently stabilized ankle and foot region allowing standing and walking for extended periods