Chipping Hammer Ergonomics

Heavy Demolition Tool Use Trigger Back, Shoulder, and Arm Injury


Using chipping hammers weighing as much as 35 lbs is a known cause of shoulder, back, and arm injury.


Injured and aging workforce cannot effectively perform overhead chipping for lengthy periods, even when using lightweight chipping hammers.


A new method of support using pneumatic power completely offloads strain by carrying the total weight of chipping hammers or other heavy tools such as grinders, rock drills, and scalers. Operators only need to guide the tools without any weight bearing. The pneumatic support is trigger operated for height adjustment in varying work conditions.


All weight bearing by the worker is eliminated.  With the pneumatic support, chipping hammers or other heavy tools can be used overhead or at waist level for a full workday. Injured, aging workers or those with smaller anatomical dimensions are fully capable of chipping hammer use for lengthy time periods. Efficiency and productivity are greatly enhanced.