Bus Ergonomics

Turn Signal Buttons Cause Foot Injury


Repeated pressing floor mounted turn signal button triggers severe Morton’s Neuroma foot pain.


Safe driving protocol requires the continual use of turn signals. Any modification must keep task identical to the current method of repeated button depression. Drivers assigned to different busses daily and inability to depress signal buttons forces driver reassignment.  All busses have different button installation dimensions. Any device must be portable, have easy and fast installation and be compact to fit into driver backpack.


Custom universal device to fit over existing turn signal buttons developed. Fitting capability for all floor mounted button placement dimensions. Wide foot plate with traction surface offloaded point pressure on driver’s feet.


Drivers able to effectively use turn signal buttons without pain or injury.

New portable pedal assembly

The underside shows adaptability to different button dimensions

Placement on the bus floorboard covering the button assembly shown

Pedal sizing