Articles by Ian Chong

How the Tacoma Dome Used Ergonomics to Create Significant Costs Savings

Profits, productivity, and morale went up after workers installed a new method to reduce lifting tasks

Voodoo Ergonomics

Watch out for those who call themselves ergonomists but really aren’t.

Are Wrist Rests Good?

Palm rests are an alternative to wrist rests and are generally beneficial when wrist tendonitis structures are inflamed and/or sensitive to tactile stimulation.

Ergonomics as a Return-to-Work Tool

Real ergonomics, or in truth, ergonomics applications, transcends the computer workstation to the industrial workstations and anything in-between.

Ergonomics, Not a Buzzword, a Bottom-Line Fact

Ergonomics is perhaps one of the most abused, misunderstood and underutilized concepts in today’s business lexicon.

The Economics of Ergonomics

Ergonomics is perhaps one to the most widely abused, misunderstood, and underutilized words and concepts in today’s business lexicon.

Solving "White Collar" Pain Problems

When applied properly, ergonomic analysis, design, and applications have been proven effective in the corporate battle against “white collar” pain.