BYTR mouth

WHAT IS BYTR??? The invisible ethereal being lurking inside your computer devices. With each keystroke, screen swipe, mouse manipulation, it creeps up through your hands, fingers and other body parts taking micro-molecular bites from your flesh.

Over time, these bites give you debilitating injury and excruciating pain, compromising your professional life, your personal life, and your ability to perform computer tasks.

Gain knowledge to identify the warning signs and combat the pain.

Beware the Bytr book cover

A vile being brings you much pain from intensive computer usage.

Ergonomics of the Absurd book cover

Ergonomics can help in ways you never thought of before!

Ergonomic Mis-Adventures book cover

Real ways to solve complex ergonomic injuries.

About the Author

Ian Chong CPE, is a Board Certified Professional Ergonomist. Educated in Ergonomics & Occupational Biomechanics (NYU), Industrial Design (Pratt Institute, NYC); Architecture (UWash). He is vastly experienced (lots of gray hairs), award winning (too many wall hangings), highly credentialed (loads of boot marks on the back side); AND is a Performing Magician, with an outlandish sense of humor, albeit somewhat nerdy.

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