CAD Pointing Device Modification

Addressing severe tendonitis & inability to grip

Typical causal relatonship mouse - mouse shown used by left hand due to severe pain in right hand
Excessive grip on stylus when first introduced flaring hand, wrist & arm pain
Prevous Causal Relatonship Mouse

Standard CAD mouse with highly repetitive button activation triggered severe tendonitis resulting with inability to grip



Custom Arm Support & Pointing Devce

Custom foam surround installed on digitizing pad stylus (replacing mouse) with swivel arm support enabling CAD without pain

Custom ergonomic solution by Ergo Inc.
Positoning over digitizing pad allows unencumbered hand / wrist movement
Custom ergonomic solution by Ergo Inc.
Swiverl forearm support allows full forearm rest without undue pressure on extensor tendons
Custom ergonomic solution by Ergo Inc.
Low level grip force offloads tendons from excessve movement and tension